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Active Directory Integration Evolves for Ubuntu 10.10

Among the most rapidly evolving niches in the Linux enterprise market is integration with Microsoft Active Directory. We last visited this area back in July 2010, but a lot has changed since then, with new partnerships announced and new software released. Here are some of the highlights of these developments, with a focus on their relationship to the latest Ubuntu release, 10.10.

Unless you prefer the do-it-yourself approach to AD integration via Winbind and Samba, there are only two major players in this niche: Centrify and Likewise. The two companies offer a suite of similar products, available in both free-to-use and licensed versions, that “automagically” join Unix-based hosts to a Windows domain and share its resources.

The software behind Centrify and Likewise hasn’t changed too much since we last compared the products in the summer, when both had recently pushed out new releases. Their channel, however, has evolved in important ways.

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