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Why I don’t recommend Ubuntu, for now

Oh yes sirree Bob, that they are indeed. A few ago, I dabbled with the SuSE Linux distro, and then a chap from Bristol introduced me to the Hoary Hedgehog. What, no advanced disk partitioning?! I was hooked and have been reeled in ever since.

Until now. Until 10.10.

This was when I installed Ubuntu Netbook Edition onto my ageing yet trusty Acer Aspire One netbook. And this was the first time that I have ever uninstalled Ubuntu. And the first time I won’t recommend Ubuntu.

As I’ve said before, UNE is cramped, slow and unconfigurable, and I don’t think it should have been released in that state. There has been a vast amount of talk about Unity, the new desktop for Ubuntu, and the fact that it is due to be shipped with 11.04 gNarly Narwhal.

According to the venerable Jack Wallen, this shift from GNOME to Unity (and from X Windows to Wayland) is “Business, first and foremost.” It’s about providing one Ubuntu (hence Unity), as “Shuttleworth wants Ubuntu to be easy for companies to support”.

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