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Zorin OS 4 Core and Premium releases are now available!

The Zorin OS Team are proud to announce the availability of the Core and Premium versions of Zorin OS designed for Linux beginners. In addition to the easy to use interface and our unique Look Changer, Zorin OS 4 incorporates such new tools and features as the improved File Manager, file previews and the redesigned sound menu which help you to get more done in less time while our Splash Screen Manager, our Internet Browser Manager and the refined Software Center make performing customization tasks even easier. We have made changes to the core system which makes Zorin OS 4 even faster than Ubuntu. We have created new desktop and splash screen themes to even further improve Zorin OS’s appearance. The Premium versions (Gaming, Multimedia and Ultimate) of Zorin OS 4 now include our new Background Plus application as well as the extended Look Changer with the Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista looks. A new system installer has also been introduced to make it as easy as possible to install Zorin OS to your computer.

You can read in detail what’s new in the Release Notes.

To get Zorin OS 4 please visit the Download page.

We will be releasing the Lite, Educational and Lite Educational versions of Zorin OS 4 over the coming weeks.

We hope you will enjoy using Zorin OS 4!

Best regards,

The Zorin OS Team

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