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DEFT Linux 6 ready for download

I’m happy to announce that DEFT 6 is out!

DEFT 6 is based on Lubuntu with Kernel 2.6.35 (Linux side) and DEFT Extra 3.0 (Windows side) with the best freeware Computer Forensic tools; it is a new concept of Computer Forensic live system, ewflib ready, that use WINE for run Windows Computer Forensics tools under Linux.

This is a list of changes made to the release candidate version:

[new] Update FTK Imager from 2.9 to 3
[new] Update Digital Forensic Framework from 0.8 to 0.9
[new] Added Xmount 0.4.4
[new] Added mount_ewf utility
[bug fix] VWrong Guymager release, now is the 0.5.7
[bug fix] Fixed iso md5 file check
[bug fix] Fixed some grammatical errors

For a full list please refer to this page. For some screenshot please refer to this page

Please submit new bug using launchpad or mailing bug “at” deftlinux.net.

As announced last month, even today we release the official documentation of the project. For now, it is only in Italian, it will be soon translated into English, Spanish and Chinese. Any other volunteer?
The project documentation is free and open to any useful integration therefore
if you want to help expanding the manual, you can contact me (Stefano Fratepietro) by e-mail: stefano “at” deftlinux.net.

During the next week, we will release the DEFT virtual appliance and dd image for the USB stick.

IISFA (Italian chapter) appreciates DEFT project as a contribution to the development of the Computer Forensic analysis. The appreciation of IISFA is both scientific and cultural.
This work represent the work of the DEFT team and not of the IISFA association.

A special thanks to all the people that worked with me as volunteers: Salvo Tarantino, Davide Gabrini, Massimiliano Dal Cero, Bartolomeo Bogliolo , Sandro Rossetti and Valerio Leomporra.

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