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It’s Official: Ubuntu Will Embrace the Cloud–Flexibly

It’s official: Ubuntu version 11.04, which is coming in April and is dubbed Natty Narwhal, will flexibly support cloud computing through both OpenStack and Eucalyptus cloud platforms. The operating system will contatin APIs that allow users to work with technology from both, according to this interview with Mark Shuttleworth. “We will have both OpenStack and Eucalyptus based cloud options in Ubuntu 11.04 in April,” Shuttleworth said. We’ve covered OpenStack and Eucalyptus, and it’s good news for users that Ubuntu will reach out to these platforms.

Shuttleworth said that he is encouraged to see standardization taking place in the cloud computing space, and clearly remains positive about both OpenStack and Eucalyptus. Clearly, Shuttleworth also likes the idea of open cloud standards.

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