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Ubuntu’s money problem: How much (if any) should Canonical take from Banshee’s Amazon sales? (And did Canonical split the baby right in the final compromise?)

You want a kerfuffle? Here it is.

Canonical makes “affiliate” revenue from sales via its Ubuntu One music store, which works through the Rhythmbox music player/manager.

Now that Ubuntu is changing to Banshee as its default music-management application — and Banshee happens to have a plugin for the Amazon music store, things have gotten a little messy. From the upstream developers, Banshee gives all of its Amazon “affiliate” revenue to the GNOME Foundation (Banshee being a GNOME-friendly project).

But Canonical wanted to change the code and keep most of the money for itself. After much angst, the way things look now, it’ll be a 75%/25% split of both the Amazon store and Ubuntu One, with 75% going to Canonical, 25% to the GNOME Foundation.

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