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Ubuntu: Really a Cloud Operating System?

We knew Ubuntu was “Linux for human beings.” Aiming to catch the current cloud computing wave, Canonical has now also officially deemed Ubuntu as “the cloud OS.” But what exactly does the claim mean to cloud services providers (CSPs) and potential Ubuntu channel partners?

It’s no secret that Canonical’s been pushing Ubuntu’s cloud-centric features hard in recent months. We’ve written frequently here about new tools, like cloud-init, that give Ubuntu a leg up vis-à-vis other distributions in the cloud niche, as well as development trends that place the cloud at the center of the longterm vision for Ubuntu Server Edition.

And more recently still, Canonical issued (in the words of VP of corporate services Neil Levine) a “small flurry” of cloud-related news: namely the release of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) on Dell servers, official support for the OpenStack cloud management infrastructure and the introduction by Autonomic Resources of a UEC-based product for federal agencies in the United States.

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