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Ubuntu, Unity, Linux Mint and other stuff

The truth must be said, I’ve not tested Linux Mint yet, I’m somehow too comfortable with my two main OSs Slackware Linux and Arch Linux, using Debian from time to time.

But I’m reading good reviews about it all time, just like this one, what caught my attention on that reading was not only how good the author consider Linux Mint, but also how bad he consider Ubuntu.

It is also a long time since I do not try Ubuntu, but I’m looking forward to test ‘11.04’ with unity, I’ve run it in a Netbook some time ago, and I must said I liked it.
Talking about Ubuntu’s Unity

I don’t know if I should say Ubuntu’s Unity or Canonical’s Unity :). Well anyway, Unity is relatively new, and as far as I can understand it is here to fight the big ones Gnome and KDE. According to its site:

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