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Turnkey Linux Hub hosts Ubuntu appliances on Amazon cloud

The new Turnkey Linux Hub 1.0 web service provides flexible Amazon cloud hosting and backup capabilities for web application software appliances, says this eWEEK review. The Ubuntu-based software is said to offer an “excellent” backup and restore utility that makes it easy to migrate appliance instances.

Turnkey Linux Hub 1.0 is a web-based service that sits atop Amazon’s Web Services to provide cloud hosting and backup capabilities for application software appliances offered by the Turnkey Linux project. Founded in 2008, the open source project launched its first open source server appliance in March 2009, built on an underlying minimal-footprint Turnkey Core. Turnkey Linux Hub 1.0 shipped at the end of last month.

The software-appliance-plus-cloud-services combination is similar to the Bitnami Cloud Hosting product that I recently reviewed. Yet, while Bitnami’s software stacks are packaged for use on multiple operating systems, Turnkey Linux is focused squarely on Ubuntu Linux as a foundation.

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