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Ubuntu 11.04: What to Expect in Every Open Source Flavor

With Ubuntu 11.04 nearly upon us, it’s time to take a look at the features which headline this latest and greatest version of the world’s most popular open source operating system. Here’s a look, broken down by Ubuntu flavor …

First, though, some quick notes for those in the dark: Set to be officially released April 28, Ubuntu 11.04 represents the midway point between the last longterm-support release of the operating system in April 2010 and the next one, a year from now. If you’re a normal person you’re probably content to stick with the LTS releases, but geeks — and those curious about the latest development trends in the open source channel — will want to upgrade their Ubuntu installation.

And if for some reason the release doesn’t happen as planned, you can always test out the daily build of Ubuntu 11.04 – after all, as we’ve written before, specific Ubuntu release dates are kind of arbitrary and not much is likely to change between now and the “official” release.

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