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New Zentyal 2.1-1 beta installer available!

Hi fellow Zentyal users,

We’re glad to announce the availability of a new Zentyal 2.1-1 installer including all the current development improvements in development for 2.2 and the first beta of the new IPsec module.

You can download the new installer for 32 and 64 bit architectures from our Beta Downloads [0] page. You can also install the 2.1 packages on an existing Ubuntu Server 10.04 following the instructions at our Installation Guide [1].

Users who already have a 2.1 installation, don’t need to use the installer, just make sure to upgrade to the latest versions of all the available packages.

Zentyal 2.1 is a development version based on Ubuntu 10.04.2 and it will become Zentyal 2.2 (next stable release) in September (2011). Until then we are going to frequently release new versions so you can help us testing the new features and improvements.

These are the most relevant changes included in this second beta:

– New IPsec module
– New Asterisk 1.8 integration
– New module selection page on the installer
– Allow to define IP ranges on objects
– Reorganization of menu entries
– Improved bug report system with automatic creation of tickets
– Lots of bugfixing and minor improvements

Please remember that 2.1 is a beta version and it is not intended for production environments. But if you have a spare testing server or a VM you can be one of the first users to test these changes and help us by reporting any problem you encounter or simply giving any feedback or ideas. There are less than two months of development left until the freeze period for Zentyal 2.2, so hurry up!

[0] http://www.zentyal.org/beta
[1] http://trac.zentyal.org/wiki/Document/Documentation/InstallationGuide#Zentyal2.1Betapackages

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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