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Lubuntu 11.04 review – If it’s good enough for Mark Shuttleworth…

When installing Lubuntu 11.04, the differences with its official Ubuntu cousin are negligible. It shows the same boot menu and the same installer, just with a different background colour. However, from the moment you start working with the desktop in the live environment or the installed version, the difference is immediately clear: this is not a fully fledged GNOME or Unity desktop with bells and whistles, but a classic, lightweight desktop.

The use of LXDE is not the only cause either. Lubuntu also starts less daemons and services than Ubuntu by default, as you can see in the process list as well as in the menu (Preferences>Desktop Session Settings -> Automatically Started Applications). For instance, Bluetooth Manager, Network Manager, the print queue applet and disk notifications are all disabled by default in your user session.

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