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Linux User’s Ubuntu Column #100 with Mark Shuttleworth

To help us celebrate the 100th issue of Linux User & Developer, Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth, agreed to take the reins from our regular Ubuntu columnist (Dave Walker) and take us through why he believes it was the right decision for Ubuntu to embrace the future with Unity…

Linux User’s Ubuntu Column #100 with Mark ShuttleworthTwo years ago we set ourselves a goal: to make Ubuntu the slickest, most modern desktop environment around, and to make sure that all the pieces we used or built to achieve that were free software. This April we’re taking a major step towards that goal with the move to Unity as the default desktop environment in Ubuntu 11.04. It won’t be perfect, but it’s now better than all of our other options, and it’s ready for widespread use. Unity is a huge leap forward, and the timing couldn’t be better for free software or for end-users.

We are witnessing a profound shift in the way people think about personal computing. No longer is it all about work – computing is everywhere, all the time. It happens on your phone, on a tablet, on TVs and of course on your personal computer.

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