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Linux Mint 11 ships with retro GNOME 2.32 UI

The Mint project released the final Linux Mint 11, which is based on Ubuntu 11.04, but skips over the Unity and GNOME 3 desktops in favor of GNOME 2.32.1. Linux Mint 11 offers UI updates to the Software Manager and Update Manager, while also speeding the latter, and supplies new default apps in LibreOffice, Banshee, and gThumb, says the project.

Linux Mint 11 arrives just two week after the Release Candidate was made available. As with Linux Mint 10 and other minty offerings, this “Katya” release is based on Ubuntu and the GNOME desktop.

Although Mint 11 mimics the latest Ubuntu 11.04, the Mint project has taken a pass on Ubuntu’s controversial new default Unity desktop environment. Instead, it offers GNOME, but it’s the earlier GNOME 2.32.1, not the new, almost equally controversial GNOME 3.

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