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Super OS 11.04 released

Super OS 11.04
Here it is, the new Super OS 11.04

New features:
NEW: Based on Ubuntu 11.04 (see the Ubuntu 11.04 release notes and known issues)
NEW: Unity 3D, the new interface introduced in Ubuntu 11.04
NEW: LibreOffice, replacing OpenOffice.org
NEW: Ayatana overlay scrollbars, to reduce used screen space
UPDATED: Firefox 4, Google Chrome 11 and Opera 11, all of them with support for the new webm format (Adobe Flash 10.3 in all of them)
UPDATED: Improved offline installation of drivers, and more drivers added: Nvidia, ATI and Broadcom and others
UPDATED: More software added to the local repository, like wvdial (PPP dialer) and ndiswrapper (installation of Windows WiFi drivers)
UPDATED: All software in the Super OS repository updated to their latest versions

No longer included:
*RealPlayer – the latest version of the program does not seem to run on 64 bits systems
*GParted (“Disk Utility” does essentially the same)

For a full list of features and for the download links, visit:

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