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Asus will preload Ubuntu Linux on three Eee PCs Read more: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2075819/asus-preload-ubuntu-linux-eee-pcs#ixzz1OBCHy5M5 The Inquirer – Computer hardware news and downloads. Visit the download store today.

NETBOOK INNOVATOR Asustek has announced that it will ship three models of its Eee PC with Ubuntu 10.10 preinstalled.

Canonical announced Asus’ decision to load the Eee PC 1001PXD, 1011PX and 1015PX with Ubuntu 10.10 from 1 June as one that will “make it one of the most user-friendly PCs on the market”. Previously the majority of Asus Eee PC netbooks came preloaded with Microsoft’s Windows operating system, although it wasn’t always that way.

When Asus introduced the Eee PC back in 2007, it shipped with the Xandros Linux distribution, however once Microsoft realised that netbooks were becoming a big seller, it came out with a cut down version of its Windows operating system. Since then the majority of netbooks sold have been preloaded with Microsoft’s operating system, however it seems that Linux on netbooks is having something of a renaissance.

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