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Vinux 3.2.1 Virtual Edition now released!

I am pleased to announce the release of Vinux 3.1 Virtual Edition.  Apart from the functionality and bug fixes offered in the latest Vinux release, the following changes were made to the Virtual edition itself:


  • auto logon was enabled for this version. the log on screen showing at startup was causing a bug where orca wouldn’t read the shutdown dialogue after logging in so the user is automatically logged in but the default password is still set to vinux.
  • the latest version of VMWare player was included.
  • speakup was left to run in user mode as it would talk over orca on startup when switched to system mode. to switch speakup to system mode for use in the console, simply run sudo pulsesystem in a terminal, to switch back to user mode simply run sudo pulseuser in a terminal and in both cases answer y if you wish to restart.

Please head on over to the Vinux virtual edition website to download a copy.

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