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Get a Glimpse of Unstable Apps in Ubuntu Without Risk

Sergey “Shnatsel” Davidoff posted today that Alpha testing has just been revolutionized. Sounds exciting, huh? It really is. Glimpse allows users to test new or unstable updates without risk of breaking their current installs.

As Davidoff introduced it:

Imagine you can try the absolutely latest version of any app, on your real data, safely, side-by-side with the stable version, without manual compilation, rebooting, virtualization and whatever else, in a few clicks. Sounds good? Sounds awesome to me. And now, it’s real.

He says all that’s needed is an ISO of Ubuntu Oneiric. “Then, after a one-time setup, viola! You can test any unstable apps, fully integrated into your desktop, not interfering with the stable versions of themselves.”

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