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Canonical Launches Ubuntu Linux Channel Partner Program

Canonical, promoter of Ubuntu Linux, has finally announced a new channel partner program called Ubuntu Advantage (UA).  It sounds like Paul Holt, VP of corporate services at Canonical, essentially becomes the company’s channel chief. Ubuntu certainly has a strong following in certain niche PC markets. But can Canonical finally master the channel? Here’s the update.

Canonical says the new UA partner program will help resellers promote Ubuntu server, desktop and cloud installations to businesses worldwide. Canonical also is working to line up more hosting partners to leverage Ubuntu server and Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

In some ways, The VAR Guy expected Canonical to promote a partner program such as Ubuntu Advantage back in 2008 or 2009. But Canonical experienced multiple management changes and product launches that pushed — and pulled — the company into new directions. In addition to the usual Ubuntu releases each April and October, Canonical has been building additional platforms such as Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, Ubuntu One (a precursor to Apple iCloud) and Landscape (a remote monitoring and management tool).

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