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New Poseidon 4.0 GNU/Linux is here!

For now, the 32 bits version was released; but soon, the 64 bits version will be released, also. This new release is based on the Long Term Support Ubuntu 10.04 (with 3 years of updates guaranteed by Canonical), since our goals are stability, usability and support for the whole system when used professionally at universities, institute, colleges and -also- at home.
Check out its looks:

Details form Poseidon 4 (special menu and wallpaper)

Poseidon Linux is a GNU/Linux distribution. It was designed for the academic and scientific community, following the need for a friendly, complete and stable desktop based on open source, 100% free software. Our aim is not to deliver one new distro after another, but to deliver a solid, usable and trustful disto for professional and home computers, that will be updated when the special packages and the base system requires so.

It includes a large number of scientific applications, covering areas such as:

  • GIS and Geostatistics
  • Visualization 2D/3D/4D
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • CAD / Engineering
  • Computer Graphics
  • Image Editing and Vectorial Drawing
  • Numeric modelling / Simulation
  • Scientific graphs
  • Scientific Authoring
  • Database
  • Programming languages
  • Audio/Video

Poseidon Linux also offers all software needed to make it a complete workstation – office suite, web browser, e-mail readers, instant messaging, among others.


  • To download the newest Poseidon Linux 4.0 (32 bits only, but 64 coming!) now, please click here
  • To download the previous Poseidon Linux 3.2 (32 bits only) now, please click here
  • To download Poseidon Linux 3.1 64 or 32 bits, please click here
  • The new features in relation to our previous versions can be found in the changelog
  • The “unofficial”, special Poseidon Linux designed to MB-System users can be found here (32bit) and here (64 bit)


Firstly, thanks to our team (Bernardo, Denis, Eduardo, Gonzalo), which with their sweat and voluntary work turned these project in reality. Thanks also to: Prof. Gilberto Griep (Lab. of Geological Oceanography, FURG, Brazil) for the incentive and for believing in our project from the beginning; our friend Armin Feiden for the suggestions and the biggest user of Poseidon Linux; to the innumerate researchers and users of Poseidon Linux spread across Brazil and the world, especially to those who contributed to the selection of tools of the latest version. Last but not least,thanks to the G3PD (UFPEL, Brazil), Marum and Chromgruen (Germany), Linuxfreedom, and other sites for hosting our ISO for download.

For the release of Poseidon Linux 3.1 and 3.2 we would like to thank our users around the globe for the comments and suggestions to improve it. For the translation of our start page we would like to thank Jean Philippe “Dr. Baby-Foot” Savy (French), Marcello Tola (Italian), Kapetanakis Giannis (Greek).

Christian dos Santos Ferreira (MSc.)
Coordinator of Poseidon Linux

Gonzalo Velasco C. (PhD.)
Team member – Translation, Propaganda, Support

Translation revision: Denis Hellebrandt (PhD.)
Collaborator + graphic designer

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