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wattOS R4 Released

I am pleased to announce the release today of wattOS R4


Also go to wattOS information link at the top, and read biffs blog about wattOS R4 to learn a few more things if you are new to wattOS.




This version has a load of new changes. Below is a brief list of updates. This version of wattOS is based on the latest production ubuntu 11.04.

lightweight Linux running LXDE and updated clean simple interface and smooth new look
New included control panel user interface for simple configuration of your system in a familiar format (screenshot)
– Link to check out basics of the “configure panel” for wattOS is here – http://www.planetwatt.com/forums/topic/167/meet-the-configure-panel-in-r4

wattOS now also has a ppa on launchpad so this application can be updated automatically as well as new wattOS specific packages will be published here.


New music player changed to audacious with plugin for music stream searching – lightweight – codecs included.
Changed to VLC for video player
Changed to lightweight mail client sylpheed by default
Updated version of fotoxx photo editor
KeePassX password manager
xfce4 power manager
Changed from Firefox to Chromium web browser – flash support already included.
Lots of other small tweaks and improvements.




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