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Zentyal 2.2-rc2 available!

Dear Zentyal community,

The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce the availability of the
2.2-rc2 installer! This is the second release candidate for the 2.2
stable series.

This version includes all the bug fixes done since the release of the
RC1 and in addition, the “Recover from a disaster” menu is now back on
the installer (it had disappeared during all the beta period). Moreover,
this release comes with a surprise: it includes experimental USB
support, so users without a CD drive should be able to burn the ISO on a
stick using the Ubuntu USB creator or any other similar tool. Let us
know how it works!

You can download the new installer, as usual, from the Beta Downloads
page (www.zentyal.org/beta). If you already have installed Zentyal
2.2-rc1, you can also upgrade your packages to the latest available

The release of the Zentyal 2.2 is approaching very fast (3rd week of
September), so your help in finding bugs now is crucial to have a great
success with this release. We’re looking forward to receiving your bug
reports and feedback. To liven up the bug hunt, we will reward the most
active bug-reporters as well as the persons who report the trickiest
bugs with Zentyal t-shirts! [0]

Happy testing!


Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager
jacalvo at zentyal.com

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