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‘Ubuntu Friendly’ Hardware Certification Program Maturing

If Canonical had its way, OEMs would make sure Ubuntu ran well on their hardware before shipping it. But most OEMs don’t, so Ubuntu developers have resorted to the next best thing: crowd-sourcing hardware validation to users via the Ubuntu Friendly program, which is almost ready for prime time. Here’s the scoop.

We first covered Ubuntu Friendly when it was announced in June 2011.  The project, envisioned as a community-based complement to the certification program Canonical already maintains, stood to broaden the hardware profiles on which Ubuntu was known to run well and make the lives of users easier.

Fast forward three months and Ubuntu Friendly is almost mature and ready for action, as Canonical employee Ara Pulido noted on her blog. The software tool that runs the hardware tests is available in a Launchpad PPA, and an alpha version of the site where results are reported is up and running. (When I visited the site the database seemed to be down, but Pulido’s blog post includes a screenshot showing what it should look like.)

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