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Precision Planning; Prepping for 12.04 LTS

In just over a week, quite a large cross-section of the Ubuntu community and representatives from many free software projects and companies will gather in Orlando to map out the Precise Pangolin. Now’s the time to prepare for the event, with 11.10 out (well done everybody!) and the key infrastructure slotting into place.

Figuring out the optimal balance of goals is the work of the summit, but we can lay out some over-arching themes that have been in progress during this meta-cycle and come to their full fruition in the LTS release. We can also remind ourselves of the ways in which an LTS is different, and the impact that will have on our choices in Orlando.
Being an LTS

As Dustin pointed out, this is the fourth Ubuntu LTS release, and as such it needs to carry on, and entrench, the reputation of the LTS as a carrier-grade platform for mission-critical server deployments and large scale desktop deployments. That means:

Adjusting the cycle to allocate more time for resolving issues
Introducing minimal new infrastructure or platform-visible change
Goal-driven and continuously benchmarked programs of action around performance
First-class accessibility for those with special interaction needs
Enablement and certification of the sorts of hardware people will deploy at scale and in the datacenter

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