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Can Canonical’s Ubuntu Be a Success on Mobile Devices?

It’s the buzz heard around the Internet, Ubuntu’s evangelist and founder Mark Shuttleworth has made a bigger push at the Ubuntu Developer Summit to put the Ubuntu Linux operating system on mobile devices, from phones to tablets. But is this realistic talk or just hypothetical hype? Here’s why I think this idea is already dead in the water.

A tip of the hat goes to Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols at ZDNet for reporting on Shuttleworth’s plan. Nichols said Shuttleworth’s push to put Ubuntu on mobile devices is not only a good idea, but Canonical is the only company that could make it happen. He also said that developers are familiar with Ubuntu’s Unity GUI and could more easily develop for Ubuntu than, say, Metro for Windows 8. Nichols also said Canonical could succeed where others such as “MeeGo, HP’s webOS and number other Linux distributions” have failed (except Android, or course).

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