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Pinguy OS 11.10 Beta Released

Due to a few things I don’t feel comfortable enough releasing this as a final. A few of the used apps are still in the alpha/beta stage and there is a few quirks like some of the proprietary drivers breaking the text and flash in Shell.

Gnome Shell is still pretty new and does need a little bit more work. The fallback mode is just about usable but isn’t ideal. As Shell needs 3D drivers to work and the proprietary drivers are breaking flash I can’t in good conscience release this as a stable release due to the current state of the fallback mode and Shell needing 3D.

Shell does work well if the open source drivers are working so for most people this shouldn’t be an issue, but people that need to install the proprietary drivers to get shell working have reported a few problems. I have tested this on ATI and Intel graphics cards and haven’t had any issues with the open source drivers.

I am very doubtful that there will be another release of the 11.10. Until Shell can work without 3D acceleration I am not happy calling this a stable product. Some work on this is being done over at Fedora so this will be possible soon but not just yet. I don’t feel Gnome 3.2 is mature enough to be called a stable product and thats why Pinguy OS 11.10 will stay as a beta release.

Release Notes.

  • Some changes have been made to the base system to improve speed and power usage. This is done by using zram, preload and granola.
  • There is better HD Video Decoding by using libcrystalhd3.
  • All the gnome packages are running on 3.2.1 like Totem Movie Player.
  • New Gnome 3 apps gnome-contacts and gnome-documents are included.
  • XBMC-PVR is installed so you can use your PC as a DVR.
  • Firefox is running the latest version 8 with all the needed plugins for content on the web including Moonlight for silverlight content.

For more info check out the release notes for the pre-alpha and alpha releases and this Webupd8 article.

I would also like to thank jan-hoffmann for his Gnome Shell scripts and also Joel Leclerc for relinux.

Download: Pinguy OS 11.10 Beta


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