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Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

Isn’t a new development release always exciting? We are six weeks into the cycle and things are ticking on quite nicely. Today we will reach Feature Definition Freeze, so all the feature specifications should be written and approved, giving us a clear direction where to go this cycle. Next week we will release Alpha 1, so it will be a nice opportunity to download an ISO, test it and file some bugs to give our developers a bit more to do.

For those of you who are adventurous or who would like to participate in development, this will be good news: Colin Watson, long-time Debian and Ubuntu developer, started the discussion around a team dedicated to development release maintenance. What does this mean? This time the development release should be more likely to be buildable, installable, upgradeable and generally sane during the Alpha and Beta stages. This will make it much easier to run it for development or testing. If you want more information read the specs: Priorities of the +1 maintenance team and discussed infrastructure changes. All of this said: if it says “Alpha” it means Alpha, so if you’re not comfortable with dealing with occasional breakage, better wait until Beta or the final release. If you are interested you might find the page on using development releases and fixing problems a good read.

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