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TurnKey 11.3 maintenance release – next stop Ubuntu 12.04!

Ho ho ho, happy holidays everyone! I know most of you are already shifting into holiday mode, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

We’ve just pushed out TurnKey 11.3 – the final maintenance release based on Ubuntu 10.04. The next release will be based on Ubuntu 12.04. We’re already shifting into high gear for that. There will be surprises. Hopefully good ones!

Anyhow the new images we just pushed out from our CloudTask automation swarm include fixes for various bruises and scrapes, as well as the very latest security updates.

If you’ve already installed a previous version of TurnKey 11, you don’t need to download anything because by default TurnKey is configured to automatically install all of the security updates over the network.

The maintenance release will mainly be of interest to new users and existing users doing new deployments. Especially those of you who are super impatient like mua and don’t care to wait long minutes after deployment for the system to pull over a ton of security updates. This cuts down the time it takes to fully deploy Core in the cloud from 5 minutes to just 30 seconds.

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