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Ultimate Edition 3.0

Sorry for the great delay in release of Ultimate Edition 3.0. I have been plagued with both physical and emotional trauma, you can rest assured a snowball effect is about to transpire. I have built UE 3.1 (still needs some work) & our dev team has developed 3.2, just waiting for me to drop Ultimate Edition 3.1. Time is a commodity that I have not had on my side. I may soon get some time off for the holidays and perhaps change that.

Ultimate Edition 3.0 is unlike any previous release. Ultimate Edition 3.0 was built from Linux Mint 11 “Katya”, which in itself was built from Ubuntu Natty 11.04. I hope I did not lose anyone there ;) A slew of issues have been resolved. I have dubbed this release ULTAMINT. It is a real piece of eye-candy & has a comprehensive software package. I have included repositories from Getdeb, Ubuntu and Linuxmint. If there is something missing you just can’t live without, just a few clicks of a mouse away. On behalf of the UE Dev team please enjoy Ultimate Edition 3.0.


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