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Checking Out Ubuntu Studio 11.04

Well, it’s not exactly brand new, but I am taking my first real look at Ubuntu Studio 11.04 (based on Ubuntu “Natty Narwhal”). This is what we decided to put on our “guest” computer when Debian “Wheezy” proved not to be so easy, and it gives us an opportunity to step out of our rut and look at a new GNU/Linux distribution.

If you read my column a lot, you probably know I’m a long-term Debian loyalist. Or maybe I should say “lazy-ist”, because my loyalty to Debian is not so much a matter of ideology as a simple case of me not wanting to have to learn a new system. I like computer technology, but mostly because of what I can do with it, not for its own sake. So I tend to find one system I’m comfortable with, and stick with it — especially when it comes to the computer I use every day.

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