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Full-featured Ubuntu online installation using kickstart

This is an elaborate fault-tolerant Kickstart script for an on-line Ubuntu installation, optimized for home users, with extensive remote administration support and documentation. Not recommended for beginners.

This isn’t just another trivial automated installation script although it started out that way. Basic installation presets led to integrated bug workarounds, setting defaults for many applications and servers, more features, etc. While you may disagree with some of my package choices, they were selected for my clients – not you. Change it if you have different needs. First, a little background on my deployments.

All of my clients have cheap desktop systems or laptops, usually outdated. Almost any CPU, chipset, GPU, and drive configuration. They’re either stand-alone or connected together on small Ethernet networks. Some have broadband, some only dial-up (POTS). Ages vary from toddlers to senior citizens. A few are Windows gamers. This mix results in a wide variety of system hardware, peripherals, application requirements, and configurations. I’ve had to deal with most every type of kernel, application, and hardware bug. Every deployment unearths a new bug to fight. Some of these are Ubuntu’s fault but many are upstream.

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