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Canonical Focuses on Multi-Monitor Support In Ubuntu

Just a day after questioning whether multiple monitors are really necessary, I learned the design team at Canonical had purchased not two but six monitors to attach to a single computer. Fortunately, this seeming excess should benefit Ubuntu users — if not me personally — by improving the multi-monitor experience in Ubuntu. Here’s a look at these efforts so far, and how they fit into the larger open source picture.

According to a blog post Dec. 20 by Canonical designer Stewart Wilson, the design team acquired its six-monitor rig in an effort to meet the goals laid out in Multiple Monitors UX Specification Phase 1. Those goals focus on providing more rigorous support for basic use-cases connecting external monitors, projectors and TVs to Ubuntu computers in time for the upcoming 12.04 release in April 2012, with more advanced features eyeballed for future versions of the operating system.

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