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Asturix 4 released!

The team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Asturix 4.

Some of its features:

  • A new desktop experience. We have developed a new desktop environment to improve usability, productivity and help you stay focused. It just works
  • It has the biggest color palette in the world by default. We signed a partnership with GiveLifeCS so you can enjoy more than 5000 colors when you’re using GIMP, Inkscape or another design apps
  • Previews of all. Now you don’t have to open the full LibreOffice to preview a document. Hit space on any file, with any extension and preview it. It’s all about productivity
  • Social and microblogging networks integrated, such as Twitter, Facebook or Identi.ca
  • Asturix Bridge lets you to add, remove and execute web applications as native applications
  • Chromium web browser, LibreOffice, GIMP, Clementine, VLC… it has all the apps you want to find in a default install. Plus you can install tons of apps from the Software Center
  • Libre and free music thanks to Jamendo bundled into the music player Clementine, and it’s legal!
  • Cool workspace management using Super+S keys
Known issues:
  • There is a pink zone in the installer. Ok, maybe this is not an issue :P
  • Some settings are not initialized in the fallback session. Will solve it soon
  • VirtualBox must have Guest Additions to run it properly
Some screenshots:

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