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First Zentyal 2.3 packages for Ubuntu 12.04 Precise available

Hi guys,

Two good news: Zentyal 3.0 is cooking already, and your help is needed to make the best release ever! As you know, the single most important change in Zentyal 3.0 is the upgrade from Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS (Lucid) to Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS (Precise) and to make this change as smooth as possible, we need your help.

What can you do? Well, we’ve released the first Zentyal alpha packages (not recommended for production environments) that need testing. Check this link for further information and how to test the packages on already installed Ubuntu Server 12.04:


We hope to offer you a Zentyal installer soon, but in the meanwhile, if you want to help in the beta testing you can get a current Ubuntu Server 12.04 installer at:


Furthermore, we’re also trying to push these packages to the official Ubuntu universe repository to replace the current Zentyal 2.0 packages.

Please let us know if encounter any problems or need any additional instructions. Your feedback is much appreciated!

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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