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How to setup a basic firewall in Ubuntu Linux

The first question you will ask yourself (probably) is “why on earth would I need a firewall? Linux is secure, right?” Right, and I know lots of desktop Linux users that never had to touch the subject or don’t know what iptables or Netfilter is. Which is probably just fine, but that doesn’t mean Linux is 100% safe from any attacks. Any sufficiently complex software has bugs, and many bugs can be exploited and become a security issue. So in the end it’s all about some bored enough cracker to take advantage of some vulnerability (one example that springs to mind is the recently discovered sudo bug). What you will need in this case is a better protection than the default (I know Linux is a tough game to crack, but that doesn’t make it impossible) while trying not to change in any way on how you use your computer. Consequently, this article will focus on the casual Ubuntu user that has some knowledge of security and networks (what a vulnerability is, what a port scan is, etc.) that wants to secure his/her system. Happy reading and remember that you can always talk with us or other users by going to the forums.

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