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Linux Mint KDE 12 Review: Your Perfect Desktop

KDE is fast becoming the favorite of GNU/Linux users. At least that’s what I have been witnessing in my circle. I can’t say about others but I am currently running Gnome Shell 3 and KDE on my main machines.

Gnome Shell 3 and KDE
While Gnome Shell is on a development highway and we can see the improvements with each release, KDE has fully matured and offers a modern experience along with complete control and customization. Gnome Shell is slowly but steadily maturing, the huge number of extensions shows how hard working is the Gnome community.

Why KDE?
Why am I suddenly trying KDE after being a Gnome user? While Gnome Shell is quite stable from UI point of view, Unity is going through a heavy development. These UI changes broke the statues quo and threw the users out of their comfort zones. It took away what users were used to or were using to enhance their own productivity. This lead users to try alternatives. That brought me to KDE. That’s the beauty of the Free Software world – there is some thing for everyone.

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