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Comice OS 4.0-b Beta 1 – available now

Comice OS 4.0-b Beta 1 is available to download. This version fixes several bugs discovered in the first version.



– Fixed a bug on boot (GRUB)

– Fixed a bug with the driver manager

– Fixed a bug during the end of installtion

– Fixed some configurations files

– Fixed sources.list and lsb-release

– Update of various software

– Fixed a little bug of Pear Appstore



– To install Virtualbox drivers, please use the drivers provided by virtualbox and not those of the software “Additional Drivers”.



– To install the ATI drivers, please download the latest version at the following site:




– If Nvidia driver will not install properly by the software “Additional Drivers”,download the latest version at the following site:



This version has been tested with:

– VirtualBox 4.1.8

– Parallels Desktop 7.0.14920

– VMWare Fusion 4.1.1

And notebook :

AMD Dual Core E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics

4 GB memory

500 GB Hard Drive
David T.

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