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Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.1 released: Got support for 12.04!

Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.0, which released in the end of last year, has been downloaded for more than 100,000 times! I’m so happy to see the result. Thanks everyone for downloading and using Ubuntu Tweak!

And Ubuntu 12.04 is under heavily development, I’ve also see that many users have been upgraded. So here comes the Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.1, which supports Ubuntu 12.04 better.


Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.1 is a bug fixes release, and also introduced a few tweaks, here’s the release notes:

  • Add support for Ubuntu 12.04
  • Remove the background change in Login Settings, because the LightDM for 12.04 already support read user background setting
  • Add “Dash color” setting to Unity Settings
  • Add “Desktop Font” setting to Fonts Settings
  • Hide the Session Control for Lubuntu

Now let’s get started with some screenshots

Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.1 under Ubuntu 12.04

The dash color setting

Three different color of Dash after setting the new color, which one would you like better?

The “Desktop font” setting, if you want the icon in desktop with larger or smaller font, this is what you want.

Download & Update

Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.1 is ready to download from the official website: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/+download

And it is also ready in the Stable PPA: https://launchpad.net/~tualatrix/+archive/ppa

The next

Since the release of Ubuntu Tweak 0.6.0, I’ve been received a lot of feedback, and most of the users told that he/she likes Ubuntu Tweak. Even the latest Linux Format has a topic about Ubuntu Tweak too:

Ubuntu Tweak will start a new development cycle, to add more new features, and of course, supports the latest Ubuntu well.

Let’s look forward to Ubuntu Tweak 0.7!

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