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Zentyal 3.0 Beta | New master-slave architecture available for testing

Dear Zentyal users,

We’ve just released the new core (2.3.5) and users (2.3.3) packages: these implement the first version of the LDAP synchronization between Zentyal servers and make the new master-slave architecture available for testing!

We would like to highlight the following changes (compared to the master-slave functionality in Zentyal 2.2):

– LDAP-dependant modules allowed in the master
– Better slapd performance in slaves
– Easier slave configuration
– Better error management
– Slaves can also act as masters for other slaves

Please note that this is still under development, so you may find few glitches (e.g. you are allowed to add users on slaves), but we wanted to release these packages as soon as possible to start receiving your feedback.

To test this new master-slave architecture, simply install a fresh Zentyal 2.3, making sure you have Internet connection so you get the latest packages. If you already have a Zentyal 2.3 installed, you can also try upgrading to the latest version in the Software Management page, although on a development version like 2.3 flawless upgrade can’t be guaranteed yet.

We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback. Happy testing!

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Product Manager

The Linux small business server

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