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Red Hat Opens Its OpenStack Kimono

Upon the occasion of the launch of the OpenStack Foundation, which will put an enormous amount of backing behind the open source cloud computing platform, the OpenStack team at Red Hat is out with a post that discusses how the team will transform OpenStack into a meaningful product. As we’ve noted before, and as Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols reports, Red Hat intends to do for OpenStack what it did for Linux. There are several reasons to believe that Red Hat can do just that, not the least of which is that Red Hat knows exactly how to provide world-class support for open source software.
The post from Red Hat runs very deep in terms of how the company intends to deliver an OpenStack platform that will be reliable and technically robust:
"…it’s about participating in upstream communities as contributors and having a policy that drives code enhancements and fixes into the upstream. In many cases, Red Hat employees are among the key maintainers of and contributors to those upstream projects. This helps ensure that we take the greatest advantage of the strengths associated with open source development and that we maintain the

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