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Canonical Responds to Complaints Over Amazon Search

In an effort to appease users, Canonical has pushed out some updates to its Unity interface in the upcoming Ubuntu 12.10 release that include a simple turn-off function for the controversial Amazon.com “lens” feature. But will this be enough to calm an unruly community in near revolt over the company’s original plans to push this functionality on users?
The “fix” for the much-berated Amazon feature comes among a slew of updates, most of them simple bug fixes, that landed with version 6.8 of Unity. It was uploaded into the development version of Ubuntu 12.10 Oct. 5.
Appeasing Users?
In Unity 6.8, users will be able to choose not to display search results from the Internet in response to queries in the Unity “lens,” a part of the system interface designed to make it easy to find files, applications, services and other local and networked resources. Internet results will still be included by default, but they can be switched off.
The solution Canonical is now offering to the controversial feature does not appear to be sitting perfectly well with all users, however. Some have noted that the process for turning off Internet search results is less than obvious.
Perhaps more problematically for Canonical, other users have

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