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Inktank, Citrix Partner on Ceph Cloud Storage Solution

The importance of Ceph — the open source, massively scalable distributed storage system — to commercial solutions for cloud computing and Big Data has become yet clearer with the announcement of a partnership between Inktank and Citrix to integrate Ceph into the latter company’s CloudPlatform system. Read on for details.
Inktank, a commercial entity that offers support services for Ceph, grabbed headlines last month when former Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth bet $1 million of his own money on the company’s future. The announcement Thursday of Inkank’s partnership with Citrix is a sign that Shuttleworth’s investment may have been well-placed. By integrating Ceph into Citrix CloudPlatform, the deal promises to create significant new opportunities for capitalizing on open source technology within the cloud and Big Data channels.
Opening Doors for Ceph
The Ceph distributed storage system has been around for several years. By allowing large amounts of data to be shared across servers and accessed rapidly, it has became a key component of open source Big Data solutions.
But commercial deployments of Ceph are relatively new. Inktank itself was created only in 2012 by Ceph creator Sage Weil to deliver commercial and support services related to Ceph. Until now, no major business partnership involving Ceph

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