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Canonical Creates Monetary Donation System for Ubuntu

Since its beginning, Canonical has worked hard to attract business. But now the company is also accepting user donations to support development of its main product, Ubuntu Linux. Is this simply a belated emulation of the main revenue strategy of many other open source projects, or does it have a more important meaning? Read on for some thoughts.
The idea of soliciting donations to support open source projects, of course, is nothing new. It’s as old as open source itself, and was particularly vital in the early days of the Free Software movement, before companies had begun leveraging open source code in financially sustainable ways.
Donating to Ubuntu
The Ubuntu Linux distribution, however, had long stood apart from many other major open source projects because it never sought public donations. To be sure, the Ubuntu community has benefited considerably from the philanthropic gestures of former Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth, who invested $10 million in the Ubuntu Foundation. But Ubuntu developers never solicited gifts from the public at large.
But that has changed, as Steve George, Canonical vice president of Communications and Services, explained on the Canonical blog. Now, users who download installation images for the desktop (but not server or cloud) version of Ubuntu

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