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Canonical’s Plan for Fixing Unity Search

Hoping to put to rest the swirling controversy around Ubuntu 12.10′s integration of Amazon.com search results into the Unity desktop interface, Canonical has published an official summary of its efforts to resolve user complaints. Has the company finally set things right in the eyes of Ubuntu users?  That remains to be seen, but it’s sure trying hard.
As we noted in earlier coverage of this issue, tweaking Ubuntu 12.10 at this late point in the development cycle requires extraordinary effort on Canonical’s part. With the operating system set to debut officially Oct. 18, 2012, introducing even minor changes to the code now, and ensuring they’re tested properly before they hit masses of Ubuntu users, is a tall order.
Fixing Unity Search
Fortunately for parties concerned over various aspects of the Amazon.com search integration into Ubuntu 12.10, however, Canonical has undertaken the difficult work necessary to resolve a number of complaints, and plans to continue this effort going forward.  In particular, it has addressed or plans to work on the following issues:

Privacy concerns: Network traffic for searches will now be encrypted, ensuring that eavesdroppers can’t see what users are searching for in the Unity dash. The caveat, though, is that images are still being transferred

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