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Ubuntu One File Syncing Now Works on Mac OS X

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here — in beta form, at least. Ubuntu One, Canonical’s file syncing service, now works on Mac OS X as well as Ubuntu, Windows and mobile platforms. Here are the details, and why they might matter even if you’re not one of those rare fanboys whose loyalties are split between the Ubuntu and Apple worlds.
In case you haven’t heard of Ubuntu One — and if you’re not an Ubuntu user, there’s a good chance you haven’t — it does the same thing as myriad other cloud services conceived in the image of Dropbox: It lets users share data between different devices and automatically syncs file changes over the network.
At the same time, the service has a few more unique features. The most notable is integration with Canonical’s Music Store, where users can purchase DRM-free audio tracks.
A desktop client for Ubuntu One, which first debuted in 2009, comes preinstalled on all current desktop versions of Ubuntu. Clients have also been available for some time for Windows, Android and iOS platforms, and there is also a web interface to use when all else fails.
Ubuntu One for Your Mac
The iOS support notwithstanding, there had

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