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Canonical Releases Ubuntu 12.10 Linux OS

The big day has arrived — in the Ubuntu world, at least. The latest version of the operating system, 12.10, has officially hit the virtual shelves. In case you missed, here’s what you can look forward to — or plan to complain about, as the case may be — in the new release.
As most regular followers of the Linux channel well know, Canonical pushes out new Ubuntu releases twice a year, in October and April. That it has reliably stuck to this schedule for what will soon be a decade (with one single exception, when Ubuntu 6.06 came out in June 2006) is an impressive feat in the software world, where timetables and release schedules rarely mean more than the pixels they’re fired in.
Ubuntu fans are also likely to know that Ubuntu 12.10 is not a longterm support (LTS) release, meaning it’s prime ground for Canonical to test new features and concepts out on the masses before incorporating them into the more widely used LTS versions — the next of which should appear in the form of Ubuntu 14.04 in April 2014, if the past is any indication.
Ubuntu 12.10: What’s New
We’ve covered several of the new features set to debut

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