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Ubuntu 12.10 Released – See What`s New

After 6 months of development, Ubuntu 12.10 has been released, bringing some exiting new features.With Ubuntu 12.10, Unity has gained a “Previews” feature and there’s also an innovative new “webapps” technology which integrates websites tightly with Ubuntu. Read on to find out what’s new in the latest Ubuntu 12.10.Ubuntu 12.10 video(direct video link)There’s an YouTube glitch if you watch the video in 1080p and Flash so either use HTML5 (youtube.com/html5) or don’t set the maximum resolution.Unity changes: Dash previews, webapps support, moreIn Ubuntu 12.10, Dash has got a new feature called “Previews” which lets you preview various content that shows up in Dash, via right click. The previews support applications, pictures, videos, music (which can be played directly from Dash), as well as some other file types like PDFs. Not all files are supported and it doesn’t work with folders for now:Three new lenses have been added by default in Ubuntu 12.10: – A social (Gwibber) lens which can be used to check out the latest Twitter, Facebook, etc. posts and it can even be used to interact with these services, like for instance retweeting or liking a Facebook photo, without leaving Dash:And of course, this new lens has previews

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