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Can Canonical Put Ubuntu on Phones, Tablets and TVs?

Will 2013 be the Year of the Linux Tablet? Personally, I’m not about to bet any cash on it just yet. But if Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has his way, Linux developers increasingly will be turning their attention to mobile, tablet and TV platforms over the coming year. Here’s what he had to say.
There’s been plenty of talk in the open source channel about bringing Linux to new types of hardware devices such as phones, tablets and TVs. And some major open source applications — the Unity, GNOME Shell and Plasma Active interfaces, to name a few — are being designed with mobile hardware in mind at least as much as traditional PCs.
But so far, Linux’s showing on mobile devices has been pretty lackluster. Unless one counts Android — which is based on Linux but is a world away from traditional desktop Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora — and embedded platforms, Linux has yet to gain an actual presence on any meaningful number of phones, tablets or TVs.
Ubuntu’s Mobile Future
According to Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth, however, it’s time for open source developers (or those working with Ubuntu, at least) to start focusing hard on mobile hardware. As he

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