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Mark Shuttleworth Singles Out Red Hat in Open Development Brouhaha

As I noted yesterday, Mark Shuttleworth recently set off a series of heated debates about just how transparent the development process for Ubuntu should be. In an online post, he wrote this regarding the next 13.04 version of Ubuntu: "Mapping out the road to 13.04, there are a few items with high “tada!” value that would be great candidates for folk who want to work on something that will get attention when unveiled. While we won’t talk about them until we think they are ready to celebrate, we’re happy to engage with contributing community members that have established credibility (membership, or close to it) in Ubuntu, who want to be part of the action."
Adverse reactions to the seemingly secret development referred to there spread far and wide, but were overdone. One other issue that has gotten less attention, though, is that Shuttleworth later took a clear shot at Red Hat’s Linux development model in his post. Here are the details. 
 In a follow-up post to his original one soliciting contributions to privately constructed features for Ubuntu, Shuttleworth wrote:
"Ubuntu set the standard

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