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Edubuntu, Canonical and the Education Channel

Most recent buzz in the Ubuntu world has centered around the mobile and business markets, not education. But the team behind Edubuntu, an official variant of Ubuntu designed for use in the classroom, has been quietly at work shaping future versions of that platform. Here’s what they’re hoping to bring to the open source channel in upcoming releases.
Although Canonical endorses Edubuntu as an official Ubuntu spinoff, and not merely a community-based variant, the education-oriented face of Ubuntu remains a much more low-key, grassroots affair than its more commercial cousins, including Ubuntu Business Remix. Its core development team includes only a handful of programmers who in some months exchange no development-related emails at all.
Yet Edubuntu remains a very active project. Last week, it introduced its latest release, Edubuntu 12.10, in conjunction with the debut of Ubuntu 12.10. The newest version of Edubuntu is available for download, and a Web-based tour is available online.
Plotting Edubuntu’s Future
Meanwhile, Edubuntu developers are already looking ahead to upcoming releases as they chart their strategy for the future. Stéphane Graber, a Canonical employee and one of the leaders of the Edubuntu project, outlined the team’s vision recently on his personal blog.
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